Mehangai Rahat Camps, Inflation Relief Camps by Rajasthan government

Inflation Relief Camps: How the Government’s Preparations Will Benefit the Registered Citizens

Mehangai Rahat Camps


Inflation affects people from all walks of life, and governments worldwide are trying to mitigate its impact on citizens. In Rajasthan, the government has taken an innovative step to combat inflation. They have organized inflation relief camps in every ward and panchayat, beginning on April 24. These camps aim to provide benefits such as electricity rebates and cheap cylinders to those who register for them. However, the registration process has changed, with 2,000 permanent camps and two-day separate camps in every ward and panchayat. The primary objective of these camps is to re-register the public and provide them with the Chief Minister’s Guarantee Card, ensuring that the benefits of various schemes reach the intended beneficiaries. This blog will delve into the details of these camps, the benefits they offer, and the registration process. If you are interested in knowing how these camps can help you, continue reading!


The Rajasthan government has taken an important step towards providing relief to its citizens by announcing Inflation Relief Camps across the state. With the rising inflation and economic pressures faced by the common people, the government has set up these camps to provide benefits such as electricity rebates and cheap cylinders, but only to those who register for the camp.

Although the registration process for the camp has changed, it’s still critical for people to enroll if they want to avail themselves of the benefits from the two thousand permanent camps and two-day separate camps located in every ward and panchayat. These camps have a primary objective, which is to register the intended beneficiaries of various welfare schemes and programs, ensuring that they can access the benefits they are entitled to. The government’s goal is to issue Mukhyam Mantri Guarantee Cards to those who have registered, which will allow them to access the benefits that were announced in the budget.

The camps hold vast importance and cannot be exaggerated as they are essential in tackling the economic difficulties confronted by the residents of the state. Given the mounting inflation and the high cost of livelihood, the government’s initiative to offer relief measures will greatly contribute towards enhancing the quality of life of the populace.

Benefits of Inflation Relief Camps

In pursuit of enhancing the welfare of the populace, the government has introduced a multitude of plans and undertakings, designed to confer benefits upon the denizens of the region. Enlisted below are a few of the noteworthy advantages that are presently obtainable:

Gas cylinder registration Mehangai Rahat Camps

Gas cylinder registration:

Populas will be able now to register for a gas cylinder at a subsidized cost of Rs 500 and a Mukhya Mantri Guarantee Card will be also provided starting April 24. At present, the cost of the gas cylinder available to the people is more than 1000 rupees. By the way, the central government is giving a subsidy of Rs 200 to the Ujjwala connection holders of the state, due to which they are getting a cylinder for Rs 906 after a discount of Rs 200. Through Inflation Relief Camps poor families will start getting gas cylinders for just Rs 500.

Free electricity units:

Domestic consumers will be able now to avail of 100 units per month free of cost, while agricultural consumers will be able to avail of 2000 units per month free of cost, effective from 1 June. Till last year, up to 50 units of electricity were provided free of cost by the state government, due to which the electricity bill of 46 lakh houses was zero, now by waiving off 100 units of electricity through Inflation Relief Camps, the number of electricity bill houses will be zero by 87 percent. Out of 1.19 crore consumers of Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Ajmer discoms, the electricity bill of 1.04 crore consumers will become zero.

Apart from this, if more than 100 units are used, then the state government will give subsidies ranging from Rs.300 to Rs.750 to the consumers in different slabs, which will give a total subsidy of about Rs.7000 crore to 1.19 crore consumers of the state.

Till last year, the state government used to give a subsidy of Rs 1000 for agricultural use also, due to which the electricity bill of about 7.5 lakh farmer consumers came to zero. This exemption was given under the Kisan Mitra Urja Yojana, in which a subsidy of Rs 1000 per month and a maximum subsidy of Rs 12000 could be obtained in a year and a total subsidy of about Rs 1324 crores was provided by the state government. Now the Inflation Relief Camps have announced a monthly subsidy of Rs 2,000, due to which the electricity bill of about 12 lakh farmer consumers will be zero.

Food packet scheme:

The Mukhyamantri Nishulk Annapurna Food Packet Scheme will start on 25th May, under which pulses, sugar, salt, and oil will be provided free of cost to about 1 crore families by the Rajasthan government by spending Rs 3000 crores. Till now people were getting only rations, but food packets will be given free of cost to poor families under the Mukhyamantri Annapurna Food Packet Scheme through Inflation Relief Camps. This scheme was announced in the budget session of 2023 this year. Its benefits and its eligibility are as follows:


The organizers are striving to deliver free foodstuffs to one crore poor families. Along with ration, they will furnish 1 kg of pulses, 1 kg of sugar, 1 kg of salt, spices, and 1 liter of edible oil. This support will get comfort to needy families during this period of inflation.


This scheme benefits only those who are the native inhabitants of Rajasthan. To avail of it, the applicant needs to belong to the lower income bracket. Any individual who appears on the NFSA roster and is a resident of Rajasthan can make use of this opportunity.

Employment opportunities:

Job card distribution for the MGNREGA scheme and the Indira Gandhi Shahari Rojgar Guarantee Scheme will initiate soon, providing employment chances for citizens.

Through inflation relief camps, the state government will provide additional work of 25 days in MNREGA, for which the state government will bear the expenditure of Rs. 700 crores, along with this, 125 days of employment will be given in the cities under the Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme by that state government will bear the expenditure of Rs. 1100 crores.

Compensation for cattle rearers:

Cattle rearers who lose their cows due to lumpy disease will receive a compensation of 40,000 rupees starting from 10 April. This will help about 20 lakh cattle herders.

Free smartphones for women:

Beginning on August 30, women will be eligible to obtain free smartphones as part of the government’s Raksha Bandhan initiative. Applications on the phones would notify users about government programs including Raj-Smpark, E-Mitra, and E-Dharti.

The state government will offer free 4G smartphones to the women belonging to the Chiranjeevi families under the Chief Minister Digital Service Scheme 2023. These women won’t have to spend any money on smartphones, and they will also get free 5 to 10 MB of internet data and calls for three years. The scheme desires to distribute 40 lakh smartphones manufactured in India only.


Women will obtain a complimentary smartphone with three years of free calls and internet, permitting them conveniently access government schemes.


This scheme is exclusively available for native women residing in Rajasthan. Only those female heads of Chiranjeevi families who hold a Janadhar card can receive a complimentary smartphone.

Support for folk artists:

The government has launched the Lok Kalakaar Yojana, which will provide economic support to folk artists starting on 14 April.

Labor force:

The labor force includes people who work or are searching for work. This is an essential hand of a country’s economic activity and productivity. That’s why on 1st May, the government will begin various schemes to give support the state’s labor force.

Milk distribution:

The School Education Department, Government of Rajasthan (GoR) is in charge of implementing the Mid-Day-Meal-Scheme (MDMS) in Rajasthan. The Mid-Day-Meal-Commissionerate oversees the successful implementation and monitoring of the MDMS in the state of Rajasthan.

Social Security Pension Scheme:

Citizens will be able to register for the Social Security Pension Scheme and receive a minimum of 1000 rupees as a pension, in addition to the modified PPO orders. Social Security Pension Schemes are brought into operation by the Social Justice and Empowerment Department, (SJED) Government of Rajasthan to give public aid to its citizens in situations of homeless, old age, ailment and disablement, and in other cases of undeserved want within the limit of economic efficiency.

Palanhar scheme:

The Rajasthan Government has initiated the Palanhar project. It gives money to take care of children who are 0 to 18 years old. The beneficiaries obtain 750 or 1500 rupees every month. The project aids in the child’s education and development if they stay with a family member or a known person. The government wants to improve the child’s future by delivering social and financial help.

Increased insurance amount:

The Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Svasthy Beema Scheme’s insurance range has undergone an augmentation to twenty-five lakh rupees, while the Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Durghatana Beema Scheme’s coverage has been raised to ten lakh rupees.

Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Swasthya Bima Yojana

Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Swasthya Bima Yojana

On May 1st, 2021, the Chief Minister of our state initiated the Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme. The scheme covers all families and age groups in the state and gives health insurance up to Rs 25 lakhs, including treatment for Covid. The Chief Minister revealed this scheme in the budget for 2021-22 to ensure that everyone in the state has access to health care. The scheme also covers medical expenses five days before and fifteen days after hospitalization. Since its beginning, about 42 lakh families have obtained free treatment under this plan.

Scheme Features

Objectives of the Scheme

To save eligible families from the burden of expense on health-related treatment. Giving high-quality and expert medical services to qualified families not only through the government but also through private hospitals. To provide free treatment of diseases related to all the packages noted in the scheme to the eligible families of the state.



The applicant must be a native of Rajasthan. Families or individuals registered in the 2011 Socio-Economic and Caste Census. Any small or marginal farmer, contract worker, and NFSA card holder. Destitute and helpless families who received covid-19 ex gratia. Those other families of the state who are not government employees/pensioners, that is, they are not taking benefits under the Medical Attendance rules, can by paying the annual premium amount of Rs 850.

Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Durghatana Beema Yojana

The Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Accidental Insurance Scheme provides qualified people with up to 5 lakhs in case of disability and death. Recently, this amount was increased to 10 lakhs during the budget session of 2023. If you are eligible, you can also receive free treatment.

To be eligible for this scheme, you must originally be a resident of Rajasthan and be registered under Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme. If you are already registered under Chiranjeevi Yojana, you do not have to pay the premium amount. However, if you are not registered, you will have to pay an annual premium of Rs 1000, which must be renewed every year.

If you have an accident and want to claim benefits under this scheme, you can make an online request to the Director of the State Insurance and Provident Fund Department within 30 days. If you counter with their decision, you can appeal to the Government Secretary of the Finance (Expenditure) Department at the Jaipur Government Secretariat within 30 days of their judgment.

Under Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Swasthya Bima Yojana till last year, health insurance up to 10 lakhs could be availed, and under Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Accident Insurance Scheme up to 5 lakhs but through inflation relief camps, now in Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Swasthya Bima Yojna 25 lakhs and Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Accident Insurance Scheme Insurance amount up to 10 lakhs can be obtained in the insurance scheme. Get more information by visiting the website of Mukhyamantri Chiranjeevi Swasthya Bima Yojana.

The implementation of these schemes and initiatives is expected to pay notable benefits for the residents of the state, by aiding their welfare across numerous domains and enriching their overall standard of living.

Implementation of Inflation Relief Camps in the State

Amidst the current crisis, the state government has launched a multi-pronged strategy aimed at providing dearness relief to the public, arranging camps, and setting up counters to meet the requirements of the underprivileged. The effective execution of this comprehensive scheme is aimed at spreading across diverse geographical areas covering both rural and urban areas across the state.

In 11,283 gram panchayats of rural areas, two-day camps of ‘Administration with Villages’ and ‘Administration with Cities’ will be organized. The main objective of these camps is to provide a platform for people to register for various schemes in one place. This will save people the hassle of visiting different departments.

A comprehensive plan has been devised to address the issue of excessive living costs in urban areas, and as part of it, 7,500 urban wards will have specialized Mehangai Rahat Camps set up. With the intention of amplifying accessibility and convenience for locals, these camps will be placed at key public locations including government hospitals, petrol stations, bus stops, large markets, shopping centers, airports, train stations, district collectorate offices, panchayat samiti, municipalities, and other government offices.

They will set up permanent relief camps at 2000 locations throughout the state to provide dearness assistance. They will place these Mehangai Rahat Camps strategically in different public places, such as government hospitals, gas agencies, bus stands, major markets, shopping malls, airports, railway stations, district collectorate offices, panchayat samiti, municipalities, and various other government offices.

Furthermore, one dearness relief camp will be organized at each Panchayat Samiti level in rural areas, along with the ‘Administration with the Villagers’ campaign. In urban areas, one inflation relief camp will be set up at each municipal level, two at the city council level, and four at the municipal corporation level.

The government wants to make sure that only qualified individuals utilize the program. The government may broaden the scope of the scheme if there are more interested populace than qualifying ones. Overall, the government’s plan will give the people much-needed respite and make it simpler for them to sign up for different programs.

In order to manage the camps effectively, the administrative law pledges that tenders will be organized on a district-wise basis, with each district collector being granted a budget of one crore rupees to cover the crucial expenses. Moreover, to further aid the camps, an additional budget of fifty thousand rupees has been granted to the Panchayat.

The Mukhya Mantri Guarantee Card, which will be created soon, will be issued to the beneficiary upon registration. Anyone in the family will be capable to register via a Janadhar card. Since the Inflation Relief Camp targets to increase public awareness of state-funded programs, the government will give the Mukhya Mantri Guarantee Card along with the registration.

Janadhar’s card number will be used to determine which schemes the family is eligible for. Registration will be done at one counter in the camp. Eligibility documents related to the scheme will be given at another counter. Registration can be done by showing Janadhar Card.

Moreover, the recent meeting held by Chief Secretary Usha Sharma has given necessary guidelines to the concerned departmental officers, divisional commissioners, and district collectors, ensuring effective and time-bound implementation of these camps. It is heartening to note that the state government has taken many public welfare initiatives in the budget 2023-24 to give relief to the common man and the deprived sections from inflation.


With the aim of ameliorating the living standards of its citizens and promoting their general welfare, the Rajasthan government has initiated Inflation Relief Camps, which will be established throughout the state to provide an array of benefits to those who register, including but not limited to cheap cylinders and electricity rebates. The government’s principal objective is to issue Mukhyam Mantri Guarantee Cards to eligible individuals, thereby enabling them to access the budgetary benefits. The multifarious benefits provided by the Mehangai Rahat Camps/Inflation Relief Camps comprise registration for gas cylinders, the distribution of free electricity units, compensation for cattle rearers, employment opportunities, and an increase in insurance amounts. It is anticipated that these measures will engender a positive impact on the populace, resulting in a significant improvement in their standard of living.

मिशन 2030, राजस्थान को नं 1 बनाने के लिए 24 अप्रैल से आयोजित महंगाई राहत कैंप के फायदे:

● कैंप में 10 प्रमुख योजनाओं के लिए रजिस्ट्रेशन होगा

● हर ग्राम पंचायत क्षेत्र में एवं शहर के हर वार्ड में कैंप लगेंगे

● हर जरूरतमंद स्कीमों से अवगत होगा और तुरंत लाभ ले सकेगा

● 24 अप्रैल को 700 कैंप लगेंगे

● आगे ये 2700 कैंप हो जाएंगे

● हर जरूरतमंद का रजिस्ट्रेशन होने तक ये कैंप लगे रहेंगे।

प्रदेश को नं 1 बनाने के संकल्प के साथ आप निकटतम कैंप में रजिस्ट्रेशन करवाएं व अधिकतम लाभ पाएं।

Jan Samman Video Contest by rajsthan government, Shri Ashok Gahlot ji, win prices daily Yojana

Jan Samman Video Contest: Showcasing the Benefits of Rajasthan Government Schemes (6 / July / 2023)

video Duration: 30 Second to 120 Second #tag: #JanSammanJaiRajasthan Website Link:


The Government of Rajasthan, under the leadership of Honourable Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gahlot Ji, has launched a unique and exciting initiative known as the Jan Samman Video Contest. This contest aims to promote the various schemes and benefits offered by the Rajasthan Government, while also providing participants with a chance to win attractive cash prizes. By uploading a video showcasing themselves or beneficiaries of any of the ten government schemes, participants have the opportunity to win up to 2.75 lakh rupees per day, along with other lucrative rewards.

How to Participate:

To take part in the Jan Samman Video Contest, individuals must create a video highlighting any of the ten schemes offered by the Rajasthan Government. Whether you are a direct beneficiary or someone who has witnessed the positive impact of these initiatives, you can share your experiences and showcase the benefits of these schemes in your video. Remember to include the relevant hashtags and tags associated with the contest and the Rajasthan Government.

The Power of Social Media:

To ensure maximum visibility and reach, participants are required to upload their videos on their social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. Additionally, it is mandatory to upload the video on the Rajasthan Government’s official website. By leveraging the power of social media, the contest aims to engage a wide audience and create a positive buzz surrounding the government schemes.

Highlighting Government Schemes and Benefits:

The main objective of the Jan Samman Video Contest is to shed light on the diverse range of schemes implemented by the Rajasthan Government and the positive impact they have had on the lives of the people. Participants are encouraged to create videos that effectively communicate the features, benefits, and success stories related to these schemes. The contest serves as a platform to showcase the transformative power of government initiatives.

Attractive Cash Prizes:

The Jan Samman Video Contest offers participants an incredible opportunity to win substantial cash prizes. With a chance to win 2.75 lakh rupees per day throughout the contest period, participants have the potential to secure financial rewards that can significantly enhance their lives. Furthermore, the contest features several other prizes, including a first prize of 1,00,000 rupees, a second prize of 50,000 rupees, a third prize of 25,000 rupees, and 100 consolation prizes worth 1,000 rupees each.

Judging and Recognition:

The selection of the daily winners is done by a distinguished jury appointed by the Rajasthan Government. The panel comprises experts who thoroughly evaluate the videos based on criteria such as creativity, content quality, impact, and adherence to the theme of promoting government schemes. This ensures a fair and unbiased selection process, where deserving participants receive recognition for their efforts in spreading awareness about the Rajasthan Government’s initiatives.

Collaboration with DIPR:

To facilitate the smooth functioning of the Jan Samman Video Contest, the Rajasthan Government has entrusted the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) with the responsibility of managing and coordinating the contest. The DIPR plays a crucial role in promoting the contest, disseminating information, and ensuring efficient execution, thereby supporting the government’s goal of reaching a wider audience and highlighting the schemes’ benefits effectively.


The Jan Samman Video Contest organized by the Rajasthan Government, under the guidance of Honourable Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gahlot Ji, provides an excellent platform for individuals to showcase the positive impact of government schemes. By encouraging participants to create engaging videos and share their experiences, the contest not only spreads awareness about these initiatives but also offers substantial cash prizes. Through this initiative, the Rajasthan Government strives to empowerits citizens by highlighting the transformative power of its schemes and encouraging active participation in promoting the welfare of the people. So, get ready to unleash your creativity, capture the essence of the government schemes, and stand a chance to win exciting rewards in the Jan Samman Video Contest. Together, let us celebrate the achievements and benefits brought about by the Rajasthan Government’s initiatives.

FAQs about Mehangai Rahat Camps

What are the Mehangai Rahat Camps announced by the Rajasthan government?

The Mehangai Rahat Camps are set up by the Rajasthan government to provide benefits such as electricity rebates and cheap cylinders to citizens who register for the camp. The camps aim to register beneficiaries of various welfare schemes and programs to ensure that they can access the benefits they are entitled to.

What are some benefits of the Mehangai Rahat Camps?

Some of the benefits of the Mehangai Rahat Camps include gas cylinder registration at a subsidized cost, free electricity units for domestic and agricultural consumers, free distribution of food packets, employment opportunities, compensation for cattle rearers, free smartphones for women, support for folk artists, milk distribution in mid-day meals, and increased insurance coverage.

Who is eligible to register for the Mehangai Rahat Camps?

This scheme helps only people who are born in Rajasthan. To be eligible for it, you must belong to the lower-income group. Any person listed on the NFSA register and living in Rajasthan can take advantage of this chance.

How can one register for the Mehangai Rahat Camps?

The process of registration for the Mehangai Rahat Camps has changed, and citizens must enroll to access the benefits from the permanent camps and separate camps located in every ward and panchayat.

When will the gas cylinder registration begin?

On April 24, 2023

How will the Mehangai Rahat Camps benefit the populace of Rajasthan?

The Mehangai Rahat Camps will provide benefits across multiple domains and augment the overall standard of living of the populace of Rajasthan by providing dearness relief to the public, arranging camps, and setting up counters to meet the requirements of the devoid.

The Mukhya Mantri Guarantee Card is a card issued by the Rajasthan government to those who will register at the Mehangai Rahat Camps, letting them get the advantages announced in the budget.

How many urban wards will have specialized counters set up by the Rajasthan government to address the issue of excessive living costs in urban areas?

As part of its comprehensive scheme to heed the issue of extreme living expenses in urban areas, the Rajasthan government will set up specialized counters in 7,500 urban wards across the state.


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Mehangai Rahat Camps

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