How to Report a Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone in India: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Losing a mobile can be a very stressful and petrifying experience, especially when you contain all your valuable data and information about your office work, business, college, bank, etc., and in this era where even personal data like contacts, pictures, chats can be used against you. Therefore you should always be familiar with the steps which help to find a lost mobile.

In India, there are several ways to file a complaint for a lost mobile/stolen mobile. These steps will definitely assist you in searching for a lost mobile such as tracking a lost mobile and registering a complaint to the police and CEIR. In this blog, we will try to give the crucial knowledge and information that will help you when you lose a mobile or someone steals your mobile.

How to track a lost mobile with IMEI Number

Through Mobile Tracking, we can find out what was the last location of the mobile, which helps in finding the lost mobile. There are many steps to track a mobile, following which can help you a lot in finding your lost mobile.

Steps to track a lost mobile/stolen mobile

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Using Google Maps to Locate Your Lost Android Phone

By following these steps, you can leverage Google Maps and the Find My Device feature to locate your lost or stolen Android phone, ensuring the safety of your device and personal information.

Steps to Locate Your Lost iPhone

Steps to find your lost iPhone using the Find My app or iCloud website.

By following these steps and utilizing the Find My app or iCloud website, you can increase the chances of locating your lost iPhone and taking appropriate action to ensure the safety of your device and data.

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Find IMEI Number:

IMEI also known as International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique 15-digit identification number given to every mobile phone. Finding your lost mobile’s IMEI number is crucial because it wouldn’t be possible to find your lost mobile without an IMEI number. Well finding an IMEI number of a lost mobile can be arduous work and for that, we have a few ways to go with:

Note: You can obtain your IMEI number by dialing *#06# in your call log before you lose your mobile. Memorizing your IMEI number can only help you find your lost mobile.

IMEI Tracker Online for Lost Mobile in India

There are numerous free IMEI Trackers available online to track any lost mobile or stolen mobile. Once you get the IMEI Number of your lost mobile then you can effortlessly surf through their website, then put IMEI Number for the search and you’ll get the location information but remember these types of web services only work when your lost mobile/stolen mobile is connected to the internet, that’s why you should also file a report and get blocked your lost mobile number for security reasons. Here are some of these websites to use free IMEI TRACKER online:

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What is CEIR?

The CEIR or Central Equipment Identity Registry works to eliminate the counterfeit phone market, combat the theft of mobile phones and protect the interests of consumers. It adds to the database of IMEI numbers shared by all network operators to blacklisted mobile numbers so that even if the SIM card is changed by a thief, the mobile will not work in any network.

This portal, implemented in 2019, was till now available only in Dadra-Nagar Haveli, Goa, and Maharashtra, but now it is available across the country. Reporting a lost or stolen phone just got easier for anyone.

The CEIR website. gives easy access to its features. To visit the website, just click on the provided link. By utilizing CEIR, you can select if your mobile device has been stolen or used before, making it incredibly useful when purchasing a new phone. To check this, you can either access the message, the KYM app or visit the website. Further information on other features is public on their website, so make sure to check it out!

How can I track my lost phone with Ceir?

CEIR helps consumers to block their lost mobile/stolen mobile, you can also submit a report to find lost mobile but you can not track your lost mobile by yourself on the CEIR website. CEIR will block your mobile and then when the lost mobile becomes useless police may find your lost mobile. CEIR prevents fake mobiles business but does not find lost mobile/stolen mobiles.

How to block lost mobile on CEIR Portal?

You can go to CEIR’s official website where you can see BLOCK LOST/STOLEN MOBILE option on the home page. By navigating through Request For Blocking Lost/Stolen Mobile page will open where you will need to fill out the form with your personal information such as mobile number, date, address, name, last location of lost, and ID proof for identification. After that, you need to put in an OTP and then click on Submit after Declaration.

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How to block lost mobile/stolen mobile by SMS?

If you are not able to connect to the internet but want to block your lost mobile, you can do it via SMS. For that, you need to get someone else’s mobile, then type KYM <15 digit IMEI number> in the message box, and then send it to 14422. After sending the blocking request, CEIR will register it and will verify it, and then will block the lost mobile/stolen mobile. For sending the message you’ll also need the IMEI number of your lost mobile/stolen mobile and to get it you will need some help which you can find above.

What is Know Your Mobile (KYM)?

Despite blocking a lost mobile/stolen mobile CEIR also has another superb initiative, which is known as KYM or KNOW YOUR MOBILE but KYM does? Well anyone in India can use it to check mobiles before purchasing if they are used, blacklisted, or stolen.

CEIR tells us that people should not buy these types of mobiles. Consumers can use CEIR’s web portal, KYM’s mobile app, or SMS to obtain KYM. To use KYM you again need your mobile’s IMEI number which you can get by dialing *#06# in the call log, you can also get it on the original box of the mobile, or in the receipt.

What happens after blocking a lost mobile?

Once you submit the blocking request for your lost mobile/stolen mobile, CEIR blocks your mobile within 24 hours, and then nobody can use your mobile until you unlock it again. This process doesn’t prevent police from tracking your lost mobile/stolen mobile.

How to unblock a blocked mobile?

You need to go to the CEIR’s official website and then, you will see UN-BLOCK FOUND MOBILE. By clicking on this option Request for Unblocking Recovered/Found mobile page will open where you will need to fill out a form to unblock your found mobile. Once you submit your unblocking request for a found mobile, the IMEI number of your mobile will be unblocked.

How to Find a Lost Mobile?

You can use the in-built system to find your lost mobile/stolen mobile but it is conditional; however, if your mobile does not have the built-in system then you can with third-party applications such as for iPhones “Find My iPhone” link or for Androids “Google Find My Device”. You can also call your service provider to give you the last location of your lost mobile/stolen mobile. You can register an FIR for your lost mobile, mostly police find lost mobiles.

What are the ways to report a lost or stolen mobile?

Registering a report of a lost mobile/stolen mobile is crucial. It can help you to get your phone back. You can register the report at the nearest police station and on the CEIR’s web portal but registering the report at both places is the best way, so the CEIR will block your phone and clog its misuse and police will track your lost mobile.

There are countless ways to register a report of a missing mobile/stolen mobile such as going to the CEIR website and requesting to block a lost mobile/stolen mobile. Go to the nearest police station and register an FIR regarding your lost mobile/stolen mobile. You should also report to your service provider to block your sim to clog the misuse of your number for getting OTPs. By following these steps you can easily report a lost mobile/stolen mobile.

How to block lost or stolen mobile?

We have talked about blocking a lost mobile or stolen mobile via CEIR’s online portal but do we have other options to block a lost mobile/stolen mobile? Well thankfully yes, there are some other ways to block your lost mobile.

How to keep mobile safe?

To enhance your mobile safety, utilize built-in software, a mobile safety app, or a mobile security app. Share your location with reliable family or friends so that if your mobile is lost or stolen, they can track it. Avoid using your mobile in crowded areas. Keep a record of your mobile’s IMEI number, making it easy to file a report in case of stealing or loss.


In conclusion, if you lost your mobile, we delivered some excellent tips to keep it safe, block it when essential, and find help. This blog explains CEIR and how it operates to discourage fake mobile businesses, block robbed mobiles, and promote the KYM or Know Your Mobile campaign. With this campaign, users can easily determine if their mobile had been used, blacklisted, or stolen. CEIR is currently spread throughout the whole country, and this blog provides the latest information on it.

CEIR can also work via SMS request which makes it the best system to block lost mobiles whereas users can also ask their service providers to block their mobile services to prevent misuse of their number. CEIR also gives a portal to unblock found mobiles. We have also discussed how to keep the mobile safe and how IMEI Number is crucial when a mobile gets lost or stolen.

This blog also indicates that we have some chances other than CEIR to block the lost mobile and if we desire to keep our bank accounts, and social media accounts safe then blocking the mobile number is the only way. You can also use some third-party apps to assure your mobile’s safety.


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