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1. Make, model, and variant of the car / Bike / Truck: The make, model, and variant determine the car’s, Bike's, and Truck's value. Depending on this value, the premium is calculated. For instance, many vehicles are expensive and have higher premiums than normal vehicles which are priced lower.

2. Year of registration: The year of registration determines the age of the car/bike / Truck. The newer the vehicle, the higher the premium and vice-versa.

3. Registration location: Vehicles registered in metro cities attract a higher premium than in non-metro cities. The reason is that metros have a higher probability of claim and the repair costs are also higher.

4. Fuel type: Petrol Vehicles are cheaper than diesel ones. That is why they have lower premiums.

5. No claim bonus: If you are renewing an existing car insurance policy, you can use the no claim bonus to claim a discount on the premium. This bonus is allowed if you have not made any claims in the previous years.

6. Add-ons selected: If you choose to add add-ons to your comprehensive Vehicles policy or third-party insurance, the premiums would increase because you would have to pay an additional premium for such additional coverage features.

7. Type of policy: Third-party insurance plans have lower premiums compared to comprehensive Vehicle Insurance policies. Their premiums are also determined by the IRDA and such premiums are uniform.

8. Policy discounts: Our Vehicle insurance plans allow different types of discounts on the premium. You can claim these discounts and reduce the premium outgo.

9. Tenure of the plan: If you buy a long-term policy, where the coverage is for more than a year, the premium would be higher. This is because you would have to pay a lump sum premium for the multi-year coverage that you avail of.

10. IDV: IDV is the Insured Declared Value of your Vehicle. It is calculated by deducting depreciation from the market value of the vehicle. The IDV also represents the maximum coverage allowed under your Vehicle insurance plan. We allow a range of IDV options in our Vehicle plans. The higher the IDV that you choose the higher would be the premium payable. Though the Vehicle insurance premium depends on these many factors, you don’t have to do the calculations manually. We offer you easy Vehicle insurance calculators that help you in estimating the premium payable for the policy that you choose. Just enter some of the details of the Vehicle and the coverage that you seek and our calculators would calculate the exact premium that you would have to pay.

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Here is what you need to become an Insurance Agent Online

18 Cake Requirement G7 Insurance

Age must be over 18 years

Minimum Education 10th Requirement G7 Insurance

Minimum Education Class 10

ID Card Aadhar Card and Pan Card Requirement

Valid Aadhaar Card and PAN Card

Compulsory 15-hour Online training specified by IRDAI

Compulsory 15-hour training specified by IRDA

India's #1 Franchise, Agent and Third party Insurance Opportunity, Start Earning in Just 24 Hours

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You can become an G7 Agent in Just 24 Hours!

The only requirement for becoming an insurance agent is that the candidate must be over 18 years of age and should have completed Class 10. This means that anybody who has an aptitude for selling Online insurance policies, Third party insurance can become a G7 Insurance Agent. This includes college students, stay-at-home spouses, retirees, and businessmen/women.

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How to become an Insurance Agent with G7 in India?

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Complete Presentation G7 Insurance Agent

Step 2

Complete your 15-hour training with us.

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Be Your Own Boss and Work from Home

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