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Franchise Business Opportunity 2023:
The Best Online Logistics Work in India

Complete B2B & B2C Transport, Logistics,
Shifting, and Moving Solution

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G7 Smart Logistics: Your Online Transport & Logistics Partner

Book, Rent, Hire, Attach or Join: Trucks, Tempos, Trailers, Containers, Buses, Cabs, JCBs, Tractors, Transporters, Brokers, Packers & Movers, etc.

Franchise Business

G7 Smart Logistics offers 3 Types fo Revenue Streams to all Franchise

1. Earn by Partner On boarding

Rs. 50/- for Each Verified Partner

Receive Rs. 50 for each Partner (Packers & Movers, Transporters, and Loading Vehicles) on boarded and verified on G7 from your reference.

100 Partners x 50 Rs. = Rs. 5000 a Month

2. Earn Commission on Subscriptions

35 % of the amount received by G7

G7 Charges Rs. 210, Rs. 280, Rs. 380, and Rs. 550 per month from a partner. You will receive 35% of the amount paid by all partners who boarded from your reference for Lifetime.

100 Partners x 50 Rs. = Rs. 5000 a Month

1st Month

Free for All (Trial Period)

2nd Month

+80 Partners

80 Partners x 91 Rs.

Rs. 7280 / Month

3rd Month

+80 Partners

160 Partners x 91 Rs.

Rs 14560 / Month

4th Month

+80 Partners

240 Partners x 91 Rs.

Rs 21840 / Month

3. Earn Commission on Vehicle Insurance

2.5 % to 45 %

G7 Franchises can insure all types of vehicles (2 Wheeler, 4 Wheeler, 10 Wheeler, etc. with your own PolicyBazaar account and receive 100% commission directly in your own account.

3 Vehicles / Month = Rs. 2000 - 9000 / Month

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India's #1 home based franchise business in india, Download and join 100 Million+ Happy Customers!

Hire Loading Vehicles, Packers, Movers and Transporters Across India

You name it; we have it!
Book Trucks, Mini Trucks, Tempo, Pickups, Autos, LCVs, Lorries, Trailers, Containers (Open Body / Close Body), Transport, and Logistics Services at 70% of the Market Rate with India's Largest Logistics and Transport Network.
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G7 Smart Logistics:
Complete Online B2B, B2C Logistics and Transport Solutions. Biggest Group of Verified Packers and Movers, Transporters and Fleet Owners.

Franchise PARTNER WITH INDIA'S LEADING Online Logistics & Transport Solution G7

G 7 Group, India brings to you Franchise Business Opportunity / Partner Opportunity It's a unique Online Logistics & Transport platform where Anyone can Book Loading Vehicles, Transporters, Packers & Movers on Rent with a One Single Click

Founded by Mr Amit Agrawal with a mission to help the masses get better uses of available resources, we have over 18000+ Vendors Across India to date.

Star G7 Franchise Opportunity Packers and Movers

5% - 30% Cheaper

G7 Star Franchise Opportunity Transporters

18000+ Vendors

Smart star

Pan India

Star truck

Best Online Fleet Booking Experience

G7 Verified Packers and Movers
G7 Smart Verified Logistics Franchise Parnters

8000+ Verified Partners

Zero Star G7 Smart

Zero Commission

Global Network G7 Best Logistics Franchise

Pan India Network

Shuttle Rapid Onboarding G7 Franchise

Rapid On boarding

2.6 Lakh + App Installs | G7 Google Play App Franchise

2.6 Lakh + App Installs

Google Play G7 App Installs Franchise

Franchise Business can be Awesome with G7:

Only organized Online Platform operating across India and Matching Demand and Supply with charging Zero Commission.

Regular Income Lifetime

Easily build a set of Customers that pay every month, building a lifetime stable revenue source.

High ROI

Recover your Invested Amount in Less than 3 Months with Exponential Growth

Large base of potential customers

With more than 15 Million Businesses posting Bookings, you will never run out of more customers.

Evergreen demand

Demand for Logistics in India is set to grow at 15% per annum.

Who may be a G7 Franchise, in India or India?

A young and dynamic financially sound person with a
decent educational background (minimum qualification graduate) with computer knowledge and the ability to develop infrastructure.

Infrastructure Required

A well-illuminated workplace of about 100 - 300 square feet has basic amenities like fans, drinking water, etc. Comfortable seating Arrangement.

Franchise Investment

Franchise Fee

Rs. 25,000

Non Refundable

Security Deposit

Rs. 5,000


Computer / Laptop

1 Unit


Android Phone

2 Units


Invest Rs. 30,000/- and Earn up to Rs. 36000 /- per Month in India

Box Truck Booking App G7 Logistics Franchise

Training & Manpower

Box Truck Branding & Marketing

Branding & Marketing

Box Truck Management mode

End-to-End Management of Operations
in automatic mode

Our Constant Support and Commitment to assisting you Grow, Scale and Succeed

Enjoy the posh totally Integrated Franchise Business App to track your Efforts. Distinctive revenue model with robust margins and income for sustainable business across India.

Always reachable Committed & full-fledged leadership team to guide and support you on Each Step.

Roles & Responsibilities of Franchise

Friends Enjoying and taking Selfie after taking Franchise


Build a social media presence of G7 Smart Logistics. Connect with local Transport and Logistics ecosystem players and onboard them on G7. Organise & Invite Fleet owners, Packers, and Movers for Online community events.

people watching Franchise opportunity given by G7


Conduct various outreach activities of G7 in your region/institution for building referential introductions to prospects customers & partners like Small & Mid Size Industries, Businesses, Transport Associations

Men Giving Pen and Paper for Franchise Agreement


Share Insurance plans with G7 Partners and assist them in getting their vehicles insured.

2 Women Working on laptop for Franchise agreement


Assist Customers/Partners in on boarding and navigating the G7 Platform and provide necessary help when contacted.

Hand Shake offer in black coat for franchise opportuniy


Onboard Transport Businesses, Packers & Movers, and Loading Vehicles to the G7 Platform by informing them about the Benefits, collecting documents, and providing a brief guide.

Community Enjoying online franchie Offer by G7


Build a vibrant community of Fleet Owners, Transporters, Packers, and Movers around you and lead it.

Documents Required for G7 Franchise Business

G7 Packers and Movers App Franchise Business Opportunity

Quick Intro, Apply Now

Low Investment

Online Work

Work From Home

G7 Work Across India Franchise Benefits

Work across India

Regular Income in dollar G7 Franchise Benefits

Regular Income

Project Management Tech-Oriented Startup G7

Tech-Oriented Startup

Relex Work from Home G7 Franchise Benefits

Work from Home

Schedule Work Part Time or Full Time G7 Franchise

Part-Time / Full-Time Work

G7 Smart Logistics offers you an excellent Franchise Business opportunity in India to earn a handsome income. If you work hard you can easily achieve the mentioned targets. The figures given are estimated and hypo physical and the result depends upon how much you are working.

Salient Features

  1. Max 6 Franchises for Each city or District
  2. An Agreement regarding terms and conditions will be signed on Rs. 500 stamp paper
  3. The agreement will be renewed after the completion of 2 years
  4. There will be no renewal fees. Taxes extra as applicable
  5. The Franchise fee includes the training of one person. Training will be given at the head office of the company.
  6. Training will be provided only after signing the agreement.
  7. The company will provide the printed Flax Sheet for the board. It will be the duty of the franchise to get it framed
  8. G7 Shall provide you with the marketing and promotional data whenever it is possible.
  9. G7 Shall conduct online and offline (head office) franchise meetings from time to time.
  10. G7 shall release advertisements in the leading newspaper of the region centrally and that is the Initial need to contribute based on circulation. The company shall decide the Circulation data and the Sharing percentage.
  11. G7 Sales executives and representatives can visit every franchise for a few days to review and look after the marketing and local formation of the franchise.
  12. G7 shall provide promotional and printed material only after the advance payment.

Thank You for Your Interest

Amit Kumar Agarwal

Director, G7 Smart Logistics

Mobile: 9414159702

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G7 Verified Packers and Movers

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G7 Verified Packers and Movers

FAQs related to Franchise Business, and G7 Smart Logistics Franchise Business?

'How to take G7 Smart Logistics Franchise'

How to take G7 Smart Logistics Franchise?

Just follow Simple Steps to start best Logistics Franchise of G7

  • Step 1: Download the Free Mobile App G7 Packers and Movers from Google Play Store
  • Step 2: Watch the Videos about G7 on YouTube, Check User App, Partner App and G7 Website
  • Step 3: Try to Understand Features of App and Revenue Model of G7 and G7 Franchise
  • Step 4: After that, If you have any queries call: 7014350720
  • Step 5: If Satisfied Submit Your Documents, Bank Details and Franchise Fee.
  • Step 6: After Verification and Document Signature you can Start G7 Franchise Work.
'most profitable & fast growing franchise in India'

Which is the most profitable & fast growing franchise in India?

  • Franchise Business can help you earn unlimited profit in a shorter span if you work hard and Smartly. There are always good business opportunities in every industry, at any time. Online Logistics and Transport Solutions are growing very fast in today's market. You can take the G7 Smart Logistics franchise for a very low investment. and you can earn monthly in 3 ways.
'best Logistics franchise business to earn money'

Which is the best franchise business to earn money?

  • Many websites and Apps are available to earn money. But, there are very selected websites and Apps whose services are best. Just try G7 Packers and Movers App if you want to earn online and want to feel a wonderful experience in India.
'top logistics franchise companies in India'

Which are the top logistics franchise companies in India??

  • The G7 Smart Logistics franchise is the best. Low Investment, Start Earning From 1st Month. work Across India. No office and No Staff are required. You can start working from home.

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Head Office:
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Nada Khada Chowk, Bapu Bazar,
Udaipur (Raj.) - 313001

Time: 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM
Days: Monday - Saturday

G7 Smart Logistics

Mobile: +91 7014350720
WhatsApp: +91 7014350720

General Enquiries

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G7 Smart Logistics is leading transport and logistics service provider delivering customized and economical online transportation and Logistics solutions with just a simple click on your mobile. We offers an advanced and cheaper way to book a truck quickly without moving out from your house, office, Shop or factory.

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